If you are interested in purchasing or reviewing any of my works, please contact me at femcomposer@naomimusic.com

I can send you and your chorus perusal and permission-to-copy PDF's.

Payment for sheet music and Mp3 downloads may be made by check or via online banking to Naomi Stephan in US Dollars or Euros. I will send you the relevant account information.

Sheet music published by Yelton Rhodes and Treble Clef Press are of course available for purchase through those publishers.

If there are any questions or concerns with your music order, please contact:

Naomi Stephan, Ph.D., ASCAP
PO Box 182
Ojai, CA 93024

In Europe:

Zum Waschsee 28 
17258 Mechow 

Tel: + 49 39820-33818
In Europe + 49 039820-33818

About Naomi Stephan and her music

Naomi's mission is to transform poetry of highest quality into choral and vocal music which inspires, enlightens and elevates the spirit. She wants listeners to feel connected to their spiritual source, to reflect on the poetic message and thereby find meaning and connection to their lives.

Finally, Naomi wants her music to promote community engagement through choral singing, foster love of melody and harmony, and to be a role model for young people, especially girls, who might be motivated to compose or perform choral music as their calling. She is interested in choral writing, using unusual small combinations of voices and instruments, combining neo-medieval styles with fugal, percussive, or rhythmic experimentation she is available for commissions and composing for specific occasions.

Naomi offers music to interested persons and groups on a perusal basis via the internet as a PDF file. Please consult the repertoire list to see which publisher handles the piece. If the piece is published by Naomi Stephan. she will send you a PDF which can then be used as a pay to copy permission for the number of participants, upon receipt of payment.