Na Maria

Setting: Solo Mezzo, Viola, Hand Held Percussion
Poet: Bieiris de Romans
Length: 5 minutes
Difficulty: 4 (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being most difficult)

Set to a rare extant poem of a medieval trobadora, Na Maria is a praise of Mary is in neo-medieval style. Performed on Italian television and in France for a Donne in Musiche series for solo soprano.

Lady Maria, in you merit and distinction, joy and intelligence and perfect beauty, hospitality and honor and distinction, your noble speech and pleasing company, you sweet face and merry disposition, the sweet look and the loving expression that exist in you without pretension cause me to turn toward you with a pure heart.

Thus I pray you, if it please you that true love and celebration and sweet humility should bring me such relief with you, if it please you, lovely woman, than give me that which most hope and joy promises for in you lie my desire and my heart and from you stems all my happiness, and because of you I'm often sighing.

And because merit and beauty raise you high above all others (for none surpass you), I pray you, please, by this which does you honor, don't grant your love to a deceitful lover.

Lovely woman, whom joy and noble speech uplift, and merit, to you my stanzas go, for in you are gaiety and happiness, and all good things one could ask of a woman.

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