Mary Had a Baby, Alleluia!

Setting: SATB
Poet: Naomi Stephan
Length: 2:10
Difficulty: 1 (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being most difficult)

Mary had a Baby was conceived within the context of a late medieval tradition which allows for flexibility in use of instruments and combining English texts with Latin. It is in a loose madrigal/antiphonal format, with alternation between a solo section and choral answers. The entire chorus ends the piece with a rousting finish. The piece is easy, joyful, and celebratory.

Mary had a baby,
Cradled in a manger he,
Deo gratia!

Shepherds on that wondrous night,
Hastened to the lowly site,
Superna gaudia!

Angels from on high did sing,
Peace on earth to all we bring,
Nova cantica!

Harp and bells made sweet the song,
Drum and cymbal joined the throng,
Superna gaudia!

So let us praise this heav 'nly gift,
With joy our voices heav nward lift,
Tibi gloria!

Mary had a baby,
Mary had a baby,

Latin Translation:
Deo gratia - thanks be to God
In regis curia - in the court of the king
Nova cantica - new song
Superna gaudia - unto the joy above us
Tibi gloria - to you be glory.

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