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Naomi Irene Stephan


We at are especially proud our work Mater In Memoriam: For Irene, an Oratorio in English, dedicated to our Mother Earth, and our collective mothers, told through the story of this composer's own mother, Irene. Our Mother Earth, Gaia, is in peril, as we know. In Gaia’s peril there is great need for our intervention with healing actions.
We can create and channel that healing through musical expression. 
Mater in Memoriam, a choral oratorio/Gesamtkunstwerk, is a symbolic work, affirming love for our mothers. Perhaps our relationship with our mother was not always perfect. Perhaps it was broken, troubled, or unresolved. That dynamic will inevitably affect our relationship with Gaia. 
But in praising and reconciling with our maternal relationship, we are thereby strengthening our love for Mother Nature with whom, like our own mothers, we are connected psychically, personally, physically and spiritually. Any healing we experience with our birth mother will automatically transfer healing to our Divine Mother and to Mother Nature, or Gaia.
New is an Mp3 download of Mater in Memoriam: for Irene for U.S. $10.00.
Here is what people are writing, who have performed or heard this work:
The conductor: "Thank you, thank you, thank you, for giving us this gift of Mimi (Mater in Memoriam). Each time, I find something new, an new idea, a new thought, a new profound sense. You are amazing! I would not change one note of it." Dr. Jospeh Eppink, Conductor 
"Congratulations Naomi! I remember the West Coast Premiere in Ventura California.  Passionate! Beautiful! Heartwrenching! Inspiring!" - J. Nelson, Artist, Listener
"Dr. Stephan, I want to tell you that it was an honor to perform Mater in Memoriam. I find your work a truly brilliant work of art.  I recognize mastery when I see it, and genuine human feeling communicated in a way I understand." - Doris S.   Singer
"Stunning!" UB England
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Naomi Stephan
International Association of
Women in Music, member
ASCAP, member
American Composers Forum Member

"Wow, wow, and wow. Great final piece, Naomi. Beautiful, lyrical, interesting dissonance and consonance choices. bravo." - Chris Ludwa, Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Arts Chorale

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your music. I loved your requiem for your mother (the first movement totally got me). I also really liked Spring Song." - Member of FWeeter, a Bay Area (CA) Women's Chorus.

"Your scores just arrived and look unusually interesting... there's so much trite garbage out there, and your stuff is a refreshing alternative with a clear stamp of substance. I'm looking forward to working through them. "
- Jonathan Miller
Director, Chicago A Cappella

 "I like questions. So I was glad to perform a piece that would possible challenge the audience to question. A good work of art continues to speak to us. I am still thinking." Singer

"When I listened to Mater in Memoriam, I cannot tell you how it affected me. It opened all the floodgates, and I could feel the depth of  [the loss of my mother]. It also helped me to cope. The combination of music and poetry is extraordinary." 

 - Audience member 

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